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The aim of the project was to understand and design an advertisement campaign for a brand. The brand we chose was Durex. Here is the journey of how we analysed the market, studied it's tone of voice and delivered a campaign.

Collaborative efforts by :

- Bhavika Gupta
- Astha Mehta
- Gaurvi Nagpal
- Parri Ahuja
TWO TO TANGO : The name of the campaign was inspired by the tango dance, which says 'It takes two to tango'.
The 'Two to Tango' campaign was designed to get WOMEN to buy condoms for their partners by making them realise that they have a say in this. The objective of our campaign was to bridge the gap between men and women by emphasising the fact that women can make the first move and offer a condom to their partner.
PRE BUZZ                                            
Instagram Story - Questionnaire to create pre buzz
Instagram Reel - Inspired from the concept of 'loves me, loves me not'. The reel reflects the dilemma of 'give it, give it not'.

Instagram pre buzz feed
AMBIENT INNOVATION                                      

Ball in her court idea reflects that ball is in her court and she too has a say in this.
The idea that has been executed at the escalators reflects the idea of give it or give it not. The escalator at the top says GIVE IT which conveys that when one reaches the top, one can read GIVE IT, which signifies that one should give it over without thinking too much.
The first visual represents the campaign tagline- two to tango. The footwear in the visual is inspired by tango dance, also it depicts the idea of women taking the charge.
The second visual is inspired by the game of chess, where the queen has got more moves than the king, we have depicted that she got the moves!
The third visual aims at bridging the gap between man and woman.
The first visual represents that a women is whispering into a man's ear, telling him to wear it.
The second visual shows a cracked egg with the faces of a man and a woman; if a condom is worn, the egg will break and not become fertile. 
A fun fruit paring with the message "pleasure eating you" makes up the third campaign design.

Bumble Durex collaboration
We chose to work with the company BUMBLE, which stands for women taking the initiative, for event activation. First Moves Season will be the event's slogan.

To keep our two to tango idea going on in the minds of our audience, we thought of launching a fun pairing series, wherein we will tell people to comment down or post and tag us on some fun pairings and we would then repost the best ones on our Instagram feed.

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