GRAPHIC NARRATIVES : Children's pop-up story book
Storytelling| Illustrations | Layout Design | Character Design | Hand-drawn

The aim of the project was to get sensitise and deliver a short story that could be simple yet impactful for children.

Title of my storybook - SNOWY BONDS
The story is about a penguin named 'PINGU' who lives with three species of birds i.e gulls and albatross on an Antarctica iceberg. All the three have good bonding yet Pingu is insecure about his weight and inability to fly. This story beautifully articulates the meaning of self-acceptance and identification of one's strengths and weaknesses.
On an Antarctica iceberg, the three species used to live happily, however there was a constant conflict in Pingu's mind about his weight and inability to fly. Being insecure, he started to do exercise with all his heart but the results weren’t showing up. Suddenly, one day, a glacier started melting. There was chaos everywhere . The birds started flying and penguins started to swim. 
After prolonged hours of flying, the birds got tired and started to fall into the water. However, the penguins were swimming. Seeing birds falling, Pingu realised his strength of swimming. That was the moment of realisation for him that if he cannot fly, he can swim. Watching his friends dropping, he quickly started to break an ice patch with his beak on which the birds could sit and save their lives. That is how Pingu saved the birds by his ability to swim.

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